Bucks v Suns: The Valley Rising

There was a time in the summer of 1993 when a 12 year old rediscovered his passion for the NBA. As a child he’d watch Philadelphia 76ers games with his father and he was amused by a young Charles Barkley.

During the NBA’s 1992-93 season, Charles Barkley, freshly traded from the 76ers to the Phoenix Suns was on a mission and during a Sunday afternoon game the 12 year old rediscovered his old “friend”. He began to follow the sport and fell in love with other players on the roster like the oft injured Kevin Johnson and “Thunder” Dan Marjele.

Those were indeed great times as Sir Charles led his group to the NBA Finals to face-off against the Two Time Defending Champion Chicago Bulls who were led by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

It was a climatic crash that saw that year’s Most Valuable Player (Barkley) attempt the dethrone Jordan and even with almost averaging 40 points per game, Jordan nearly averaged 50 during the 6 game series which saw Phoenix lose it’s home court advantage.

Despite God telling Charles Barkley that he wants the Suns to win the Championship….True Story….the Bulls defeated them in heart breaking fashion. It was only the second time that the franchise had advanced to the NBA Finals and they suffered their greatest loss.

A mere four seasons later, Barkley was traded to the Houston Rockets and the young man no longer supported the Suns.

Yes it’s true we are taught never to be the story (Hey Rachel 👀) but there’s history here and I am the young man who supported the Suns in my youth. They alone helped me fall in love with the game that I love and revere to this day.

However, as bad as the Finals loss was in the summer of 1993 the state of Arizona lifted its team up with a celebration as if they had completed their task. There was hope for the region but no one knew when, that is until now…

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