Heat v Bucks: Endgame

Heat Culture

Outside of the first 3 quarters of Game 3, the Heat have dominated this series in a way that reflects the Heat’s Culture.  If one isn’t a Heat fan its extremely hard to explain that culture but for those who are in the know, its a thing of beauty and summed up by one word….accountability.

Beginning with the Godfather Pat Riley, the Heat culture has grown into a form of a generational wealth of knowledge.  Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra speaks of the culture often and the players live by it.  It’s that culture that has defined a generation of players from Alonzo Mourning, to Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem, to now Jimmy Butler and his “Baby Goats”, yes its a Heat thang.

The culture again displayed itself during Game 3 when the heart and soul of the franchise Udonis Haslem called on Butler to not let the Heat lose the game.

“He literally came to me and said, ‘Do not let us lose this game. Win it,'” Butler said of Haslem’s message. “And he came to me at about eight minutes in the third quarter. It was like: ‘Hit the switch. Turn it on.’ And for him to be in my corner like that — he’s played with some greats, let’s not get that wrong. But for him to have that confidence in me, it goes a long way.”

“UD told Jimmy, ‘You go out there and be the best player on this floor. No matter what happens, you’re going to lead us to this win,'” Meyers Leonard said. “And that’s what he’s done. His level of focus, when it comes to the scout, getting guys involved in the offense, his intangibles on the defensive end are just off the charts. There’s no other way to put it other than the fact that Jimmy Butler is a damn good leader. He’s a damn good teammate, and he is one hell of a player. And he is high-level impact on both ends.”

Messaged received!

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