Jonathan Isaac: Standing Alone

Watching the NBA on TNT Thursday Evening before the Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans tip off, Charles Barkley said the following:

“My thing is the National Anthem means different things to different people, I’m glad all these guys are all united, but if we have a guy who doesn’t want to kneel, he should not be vilified.”

While I agree with Chuck, I didn’t think anything of it at the time. The Players and the League have done a great job in pressing issues involving the social injustices in the world today. It’s great to have basketball back and we are all glad to have some type of normalcy in what has been a wild and bizarre year.

Friday afternoon the Orlando Magic were playing the Brooklyn Nets who were 1/2 game ahead of them. Obviously, this game was critical to grab the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. They are in a position no matter who they play in the playoffs, it will be a tough task. I’m excited for Magic hoops, flags are on the car, picked up some food and set my LED light to blue and tuned in to the game. The telecast was going through their pregame as usual and then the National Anthem started to play.

Routine as usual, the Nets took a knee and then I looked over to the Magic side of the court and as I am looking down, I noticed someone is standing up with their “Black Lives Matter” shirt off. There he was, standing alone, head tilted down, arms behind his back and praying. That’s Jonathan Isaac, the Magic’s future star and defensive ace. I was watching this, a bit stunned, but I’m open minded and I wanted to hear his explanation as to why.

The Magic went on the defeat the Nets 128-118, pushing them into the 7th spot in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

Isaac, who came back from a severe knee sprain, has been impressive considering this was his 2nd game back. he finished the game with 16 points and grabbed 6 rebounds.

His solid game is what should have been discussed and how impressive he looked. However, Taylor Rooks, who’s tone came off as aggressive and agitated, asked Isaac why didn’t he kneel and did Black lives matter to him?

While answering the question in his soft spoken voice

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