Top 3 Players the Celtics Should look to Sign for the 2020 Playoffs


  1. Isaiah Thomas.
The Boston Celtics Reuniting With Isaiah Thomas? It Could Have ...
Isaiah Thomas. 

IT is still very fresh in many Boston Celtics fans’ mind as a fan favorite, and Thomas has spoken very highly of Boston and the Celtics organization. The reunion makes sense in many ways, but it is up to Danny Ainge to make the call to bring the 31 year old point guard back to Beantown.

Isaiah Thomas instantly makes the second unit one of the better scoring benches in the league, as Boston has been in the back end of points-per-game with their bench. Throughout the season with the Washington Wizards, Thomas averaged 12.2 points, 3.7 assists, while shooting a career high 41% from the 3 point line.

Considering Brad Wanamaker hasn’t been the best option as the backup point guard, adding Thomas makes much more sense, and with Tremont Waters and Carsen Edwards being very young and raw, throwing them in during this playoff run might not work out. From many Celtics fans’ perspective, adding IT would be doing the right thing after all he did for the franchise and the sacrifices he made during his tenure in Boston.


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