NBA, Sports World Unites, Trump is still Trump

Move on.  I’m so tired of reading “Wade broke my heart for the second time” type post on twitter.  Dwyane Wade wants to go play with one of his close friends and saw an opportunity to return to the NBA Finals.

Sidenote: he hasn’t been in the Finals since LeBron left *insert eyes emoji here*.  Think of it this way, scrap the NBA final’s bait.  It’s similar to wanting to take the same class with your “best friend”.  If you could make it happen, wouldn’t you do the same?  He gave 13 years and three championships to the Miami Heat.  Be grateful. All in all, Wade was going to choose a contender over sentimental values at this point in time.

“We (LeBron James) obviously talk very often. Then the next time he reached out to me again a little bit later, just to let me know, ‘Hey man, if something happens in Chicago where you’re not a part of the organization no more, I would love for you to be here.”

In other news, our 45th President is the same person that he was in the 70’s.  I have no idea why people are surprised by his recent behavior.  However, he’s slowly starting to finally understand the do’s and don’ts of being the LEADER of the FREE WORLD.

Firstly and the most baffling thing I’ve ever seen on television.  We all know the Jemele Hill story.  If you don’t, she called Trump a white supremacist.  He felt so offended that he had the secretary of state, Sarah Huckabee, take the national podium and say that Hill should be fired for her comments.  So professionals are losing their jobs because they’re exercising the first amendment? This doesn’t even sum up the pettiness of our 45th President.  Meanwhile, Barak Obama was called terrorist multiple time.  He never lashed out at anyone or came for their job.

Next, Trump made the overwhelming mistake of coming at the poster child of the NBA, Stephen Curry.  He pulled an invitation to the White House from a team that was not even going to make the trip.  Then the rest of the NBA told Trump to stay in his lane.

Then when he realized he lost to the NBA, he tried coming for the NFL.  Why!  Is Trump that bored?  He called the NFL players who were kneeling during the anthem SOB’s.  Big no no!  You already have a large portion of America that hates you, why cause more discord.  Anyway, he followed that by telling the NFL owners to fire them or kick them off the field.  The NFL owners responded to this by locking arms and kneeling with their players.  However, this act you have to dissect.  These NFL owners who supported Trump’s campaign all of a sudden opposed him.  This is simply because bosses don’t like to be told what to do.

Hopefully, the sports world trumping Trump gave him a wakeup call.  It’s good to see people of all kinds uniting.  I would’ve liked these recent events to be geared more towards injustices instead of Trump, but I’ll take what I can.

Moving along, the Golden State Warriors have unintentionally changed the NBA.  Now for young prospects, it’s not enough to make the NBA, you have to make it on one of these superteams in order to have a real shot.  With all the moves that have gone on this off-season, the upcoming NBA season is leaving a lot of fans anxious.  Carmelo Anthony even told the media that on Draft Night, there was a trade that didn’t go through that would’ve sent Anthony and Paul George to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Good God, talking about breaking the internet. This is going to be a very interesting season and will be followed by an even more intriguing off-season, just wait.

With all this competitive talk, where does my Miami Heat sit *exhales slowly*.  I say sit and not stand because they’re not going to be doing much standing at all.  This will be a middle of the pack team. I see Miami trying to develop All-Stars in-house.  The only potential All-Stars on Miami include Justise Winslow, Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic, Josh Richardson, [James] Johnson and maybe, maybe Dion Waiters.

This is slated to be Winslow’s make or break year.  The Heat franchise saw Josh Richardson as a part of the future by giving him a $42 million dollar contract extension.  On top of the inking of James Johnson, Dion Waiters, and Kelly Olynk.  This team will most likely finish around 41-41, a solid .500 team.  Keep in mind, I’m being harsh and realistic.  I have nothing but optimism for this team.  Besides the Cavs and the Boston Celtics, Miami can dominate the rest of a malnourished Eastern Conference.

Miami’s 2017, first round pick, Bam Adebayo, should start in the G-League, formerly the NBDL.  He would benefit by playing 20-30 minutes in an NBA G-Leauge to develop his skills.  The other option would be to play 5-10 minutes off the bench during the regular season.  There’s not much to gain from the second option.  Players like Danny Green, Heat teammates Whiteside and Tyler Johnson, Robert Covington, Clint Capela, and even Rudy Gobert.  The point is the list is endless of established NBA players that arose from the G-League.  All I’m saying is it wouldn’t hurt.  It would give Miami time to see if Adebayo can muscle his way up the roster chart.

With very limited future draft picks for the next few years, Pat Riley and the Heat need to capitalize on incoming opportunities for the future.

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