Bulls Head Back to Chicago Up 2-0 to Celtics in First Round

You can’t figure the Chicago Bulls out.

The Bulls went to Boston, the number one seed in the East, and won both games and now lead the series, 2-0, with the next home game in Chicago on Friday night.

The Bulls needed a win on the last day of regular season to gain a playoff berth. At 41-41 for the season, the Bulls looked like a roller-coaster all year, winning two and losing three until the last week of the season when they put together some good games. Even then it lost to the lowly New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets on the road.

Ever since G Rajon Rondo has been playing point-guard, this team started to jell. He barely missed a triple-double, needing one rebound to perform the feat.  Rondo has brought pacing, spacing, confidence, and some offensive punch to the team. He has helped both Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade to run their sets in sync.  The offense, which looked non-existent for much of the season, has a pattern.

Robin Lopez has made some nice contributions at center, and Paul Zipser had 16 points off the bench vs. Boston in game 2.

The Bulls look to be in the driver’s seat in this series, but with them you never know.

The Celtics spent the two days helping G Isaiah Thomas grieve at the sudden death of his younger sister, who died in a one-car crash in the state of Washington. The team flew to Washington for the funeral. They are scheduled to fly back to Chicago on Thursday and are expected to give the Bulls all they can handle.

It will be interesting to see how each team responds to the pressures of a must-win situation. If the Bulls win, then this series is all but over. If Boston wins, then it is a series again.

Chicago has been so unpredictable, it is hard to figure how they will come out. But having a healthy Rondo play is a big plus.

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