Q&A: Taj Gibson & Doug McDermott

Courtesy of Erik Horne

Are you starting to feel more settled?

Gibson: “I feel comfortable, but it’s still gonna take some time. Coach Billy (Donovan) has been real understanding. He (had) been in Florida (19) years, so he understands how emotional a big move like that can be. But it’s a part of our job. The team’s been great. I’m just like any other of the guys that’s here. Everybody’s real friendly and having fun, and I’m just fitting right in.”

McDermott: “It’s starting to finally sink in. The first couple days were a whirlwind, but now having my second practice under me and a couple games, I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable with everything that’s going on.”

Have you had a chance to see much of the city or form an impression of it?

Gibson: “I figured out how to get to the gym and back to the hotel. I went for a drive, just driving around places. I like it already. There’s a lot of diners. I’m really big on having relationships with people. I don’t like to just go into a place and go and leave and never go back. I like to have relationships over years and talk to people. That’s what the diners look like, like they have good relationships out here.”

McDermott: “My mom and brother are in town, so they’re helping me get adjusted to it. We’ve kind of looked around at spots to live, places to eat. I found a couple good spots. I really like that Midtown area. It’s a cool city …. Kind of familiar. Similar to Omaha, where I grew up a little. It’s an easy adjustment for me …. The thing I’ve really noticed is just how great the people are. Everywhere I go, I’m almost waiting for someone to say something mean. It doesn’t feel real.”

One of our Twitter followers wanted to ask Taj: Do you think you’re going to be staying in Oklahoma City after this year?

Gibson: “We’ll have to see. I would hope so. I always had a sense that I had a relationship with Oklahoma City for a long time. I remember when I came here for my pre-draft workout, I wanted to get drafted here so bad years ago. But you never know. We’ll have to wait and see, but everybody here is great. We’ve been having good information from my agent so far.”

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