Q&A: Dwight Howard

Courtesy of Chris Vivlamore

Q. How did you see the Flagrant Foul?


A. They made a call. I can’t do nothing but live with it.


Q. Did you think it was flagrant?


A. It’s basketball.


Q. So you didn’t think it was flagrant?


A. The refs did. Nothing you can do about it now. Get ready for the next game.

Q. Do you feel like it was the difference in the game?


A. We’ve just got to get ready for the next one. There is nothing we can do about this one.


Q. Did the refs explain the call to you?


A. Nah. It’s OK. They didn’t say anything to me about it. Just get ready for the next game.


Q. It looked like it started on the other end on a box out. Was that the case?


A. It’s over with. It’s over with. It wasn’t like I tried to hit him in the face. My job is to protect my house. At all costs. I ain’t making no apologies for it.”


Q. Did it bother you when Zeller swung his legs over you on that dunk?


A. It’s all good. We play them again. Three more times.


Q. Do you feel like it cost you the game? Your ejection.


A. Nah.


Q. Are you looking more forward to those matchups with the Hornets the next three times?


A. I’m just ready for the next game. One game at a time. When we see these boys, we’ll be ready.


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