At the Quarter season Mark, This is What we Have Learned

The Preseason is way too long

Watching regular season NBA Basketball, it is easy to marvel at the athleticism and intensity of the players.  This is magnified multiple times over from the generic preseason effort.  There are anywhere from 7 to 8 preseason games per team and an average of 3-5 days of training camp.  This makes no sense.  It is impossible to install an offense, defense and special situation plays in that short amount of time.  This is the main reason why teams are not crisp offensively early in the season.  Why not extend camp a week and cut down to 3 or 3 preseason games?  One game could be a showcase for roster players 11 through 20 and the other two could be a regular season tune up.  The season could start earlier and there would be less back-to-back games.

The Golden State Warriors are REALLY REALLY Good

The Warriors have started this season off winning their first 24 games.  It starts with Stephen Curry, who is playing like he doesn’t want to let go of the MVP trophy.  It doesn’t end there.  Curry and Klay Thompson make up the best backcourt in the league.  Draymond Green is becoming one of the best all-around players in the game.  Andre Iguodala is one of the most clutch players in the game.  They are very well coached, unselfish and play for each other at all times.  They don’t take other teams lightly and do not take any nights off.  They are the only team in the league that can say that.  It will take a team at the top of their game to beat them as long as they stay healthy.

The Dallas Mavericks are doing just fine without DeAndre Jordan

As much as the Mavericks were upset by the Jordan decision over the Summer, it seemed to bring the team together.  Dallas rebounded from the decision by filling out their roster and have been playing extremely well together.  Only time will tell if they can keep this up, but it makes for an interesting storyline.

This is Turning out to be a Good Rookie Class

From the first pick Karl-Anthony Towns right on down, there are many rookies having really productive seasons.  Jahlil Okafor is the front-runner for Rookie of the Year and is an extremely polished offensive player for his age.  Knicks fans booed loudly when Kristaps Porzingis was drafted, but now they are chanting his name nightly.  D’Angelo Russell got off to a slow start but is starting to show why he was the second pick in the draft.  Emmanuel Mudiay has been inconsistent, but might be the most talented rookie of them all.

Some of the New Uniforms are Just Hideous

Where the Milwaukee Bucks new uniforms are just boring, some teams made disastrous choices.  What were the Atlanta Hawks thinking?  Mix and Match?  Those terrible patterns? No thank you, Atlanta.  The Los Angeles Clippers went with a whole new look, and it is terrible.  From the awful new logo that looks like it was designed by a third grader (I mean no offense to third graders) to an awful color scheme, it is a total failure.  Ballmer should have revamped after buying the team, but he kept the name and made the logo worse.  In Phoenix the sun shines 340 days out of the year.  They wear orange.  It makes sense.  Why did the Suns (and other teams) add a grey uniform to the mix?  They look awful.  Unless you are the Spurs, please stop – now.  On the brighter side, this year’s Christmas uniforms are the best yet.

You Say You Have Injury Problems – Tell it to the Utah Jazz

Everyone has injuries at one time or another, but it is hitting Utah particularly hard.  The Jazz started the season off at a disadvantage by losing Dante Exum to an injury before camp even started.  It hasn’t gotten any better as players have missed the odd game here and there while Utah has maintained a .500 record, but it reached a negative point when Rudy Gobert went down with a knee injury.  The Gobert Report is one of the main reasons for their improvement, especially defensively.  This injury just about crushed their now slim playoff hopes.

There is so much more to go over.  We will go over it soon.  Watch out for more and, as always, thank you for reading!




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