Knicks Fans Show Their True Colors at Draft

This is America.  I’m expressing my opinion.  I heard that the crowd at Barclays Center lustily booed when Kristaps Porzingas was tapped as the Knicks first pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.

I didn’t hear the booing until last night. I know the Knicks wanted a sexy pick, the forward Winslow from Duke, any number of guys.  Honestly, the Knicks fans would have had a problem with Sam Dekker of Wisconsin if he were picked.

It was a poor showing by the Knicks fans, who, although they won’t come out and admit it, feel they are the most knowledgeable fans in the NBA.  That’s because their team plays in the “mecca of basketball”–Madison Square Garden, they know, being holders of such sacred ground, the game backwards and forwards.

Take a look of footage of Porzingas playing with a Spanish team in Europe. The man is hitting shots all over the place. You want a guy who can score, this guy can.  He’s 19, and probably won’t see real action for at least a  year.  And, by then, Carmelo Anthony may be gone.  When the Knicks get good, and there will be a time, they will look differently than they presently do, and Porzingas could be a part of it. Could be? Yes, the draft is a crap shoot.  You never really know what you are getting.  You just hope based on the scouting reports you’ve accumulated.

This young man seemed unfazed by the diatribe hurled at him at the Draft.  Imagine being 19 and handling that.  My biggest decisions were to find parking space for my Ford Mustang.

Knick fans, you wanted Carmelo Anthony, well, you got him.  See how that works out?

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