A Look at a few 2015 NBA Draft Sleepers

With the NBA Draft coming this week, we are all quite excited.  Most of us here at the Hardwood Nation can tell you who the Top 10 picks will (or should) be.  Maybe not in perfect order, but we would come quite close.  This years’ draft has some interesting prospects that will be available for playoff teams and have a chance to step in and contribute rather quickly.  Lets take a somewhat deeper look at three in particular that are intriguing to me.

Deion Wright, PG  Utah

Wright is a player I like a great deal.  He does a bit of everything on the court.  Normally when a player does “everything well but nothing great” you are writing a death warrant out for his NBA chances.  Wright is an exception.  He is all over the place on both ends, with quick hands defensively and great passing ability.  Wright has all of the intangibles a good point needs.  He is one who has the ability to make others around him better and has natural leadership skills.  At 6-5, he has outstanding size for a point guard.  While his outside shooting needs work, there is no doubt in my mind he can come in and contribute early in his career.  Even if he never becomes an all-star, Wright can bring experience to a younger team, or give a veteran squad some assistance.  Wright played 4 years in College.

Justin Anderson, SG-SF  Virginia

Anderson is another player who doesn’t have one skill that an NBA scout will jump around about, but is another solid all-around player.  He can score – from anywhere.  He is a capable finisher around the rim and has range all the way out to the NBA 3 point line.  He can pass, especially in the running game.  He is smart and makes good decisions.  Defensively, he can guard multiple positions.  Anderson possesses the strength to handle bigger players and sufficient speed and quickness to handle smaller guards for short stretches.  He can handle switches and be physical when necessary.   He needs to be more prudent when deciding to shoot and can be more consistent, but could help any team off the bench.  He could have a long NBA career.  Anderson played 3 years in College.

Montrezl Harrell, PF  Louisville

Harrell is your typical energy player, a role he will fill early on until his overall game develops.  He is long and strong which makes him an effective finisher.  He is a rebounding machine and plays well at the rim.  Although he improved his game while at Louisville, showing flashes of a mid range jumper and decent passing ability for a bigger man, he will need to refine his game for the NBA.  Athleticism will only carry him so far, as he needs to continue to diversify his game.  While Harrell works on this, he can help a team off the bench with rebounding and hustle.  He will work hard enough to make himself into a better player.  Effort will never be a question with Harrell.  He played 3 seasons at Louisville.

Well, there you have it.  there are many interesting players in this draft, and Thursday night can’t come soon enough!  Keep it right here at The Hardwood Nation for the latest news and rumors.  It should be an interesting draft day.  Follow me on twitter: @RichA_NBA and keep the conversation happening.


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