Lauren Hill, Mt. St. Joseph’s Basketall Player Dies of Brain Cancer

I was moved when I saw the image of Lauren Hill scoring a basket before a packed crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio earlier this year. Hill, 19, was battling a rare form of brain cancer, that took her life.  Hill played in a handful of games for Mt. St. Joseph’s, a small liberal arts college in Cincinnati.  She scored 10 points in her career, yet the way she handled her illness, puts her on the All-Star team.

Hill had a “never quit” attitude. As her disease slowly prevented her body from functioning, she still made a great impact in her community and affected millions of people in her home state and across the nation.

In battling terminal cancer, she taught many people how to live in the face of adversity. When she found out she had an inoperable cancer, she decided to raise money to fund research.  So, this past December, she reached her goal of $1 million dollars and thousands came in afterwards. People listened and cared.

Lebron James, perhaps the greatest player in the NBA, heard about Lauren and became a fan, sending her one of his shoes, and some earphones. She joked about the shoe size, saying “one shoe was enough, because it’s too big for her.”  Lebron tweeted an open message to her today saying his late Grandma knows of her because they’ve talked about her. “Say hi to Grandma,” he wrote.

She loved the game of basketball and when she couldn’t play anymore she became an honorary coach on her team. A determined young woman impacted so many people in her short time on earth.

Yes, she is an All-Star.

Richard Kagan

Contributing writer at Hardwood Nation. Contributing writer at Boomer-Living Plus.

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