Bulls Should Shut Rose Down For A While

Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has been the number one topic in sports circles among the many Chicago Bulls followers.  Could he come back as good as was before he torn his ACL in 2012?  Then the next season, he tore a muscle in his other knee requiring major surgery.  He’s had two surgeries in two years and to the consternation of Bulls fans, plenty of time to rehab his legs.  Rose even played in the FIBA World Cup of Basketball Tournament during the past summer in an effort to get into game shape.  While his shot was off, his court sense and passing skills were excellent.

Now, the NBA season has begun and Rose has missed 8 games due to sprained ankles and hamstring pulls.

Of course the frustration is mounting.  If he plays the chances increase that he would re-injure himself and miss more games.  If he sits and undergoes more rehabbing with medical ssupervision for 3-4 weeks, the chance is that his muscles and legs could strenghten.  No one knows.  But to put him in game situations is too much of a gamble.  Would one rather have a healthier Rose play in April, when he is really needed?

Much thought has probably gone on in Bulls Management and they have come to grips with this problem.  If Rose sits out, that could be a PR disaster, and the loss of games could add up.  On the other hand, if Rose can play in a few months, when the season is pretty much in full gear, that is when they really need him.

In the meantime, find another piece to add to the roster and support Aaron Brooks.  Or move Mike Dunleavy to a point forward position giving him more freedom.  Play Mirotic and McDermott more.
I am sure the front office is debating these questions.

Something has to give. And, right now, to err on the side of caution seems like a good idea.

Richard Kagan

Contributing writer at Hardwood Nation. Contributing writer at Boomer-Living Plus.

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  • It's amazing what these professional athletes put themselves through — incredible determination to keep pushing their bodies past the normal limits. Great article!


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