The New Rose Status: Day-to-Day

Derrick Rose tweaked the hamstring on his left leg in the Toronto Raptors game, which the Bulls won, 100-93.

He sat in the next Bulls game vs. the Pacers, which Indiana won at the United Center.  Now it’s onto a seven game road trip, first stop being tonight against the LA Clippers.  It is likely Rose won’t be in this game.  And subsequent games will be day-to-day.  Some commentators have said being “day to day” is Rose’s status. If that is case, it will be a frustrating season.

For the time being, this is the scenario in which the Bulls must play.  The Bulls have a deeper team, with better shooters and a deeper front-court.  Pau Gasol had been terrific in his debut season with the Bulls.  He is almost averaging a double-double.  He’s been rock steady and is an important player on the roster.

The Bulls will play their best.  A lot of pressure goes on Jimmy Butler who scored 32 points in the Pacers game.  You can’t expect Butler to score 30 a game, but he is going to have to score points off the dribble, in order for the Bulls to be somewhat effective.

Chicago will miss Rose.  He makes them a contender.  The Question is: Will his style of play let him be on the court?

Richard Kagan

Contributing writer at Hardwood Nation. Contributing writer at Boomer-Living Plus.

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