Brooklyn Nets Select Lionel Hollins As Their New Head Coach

By Nick Ziegler (@Ziggy26x)

July 2nd, 2014

Nets Select Lionel Hollins
AP/ Danny Johnston
In the aftermath of Jason Kidd being sent to the Milwaukee Bucks after his move to gain more power in the organization failed, the Nets were left without a coach, but Billy King wasted little time grabbing Lionel Hollins formerly of the Memphis Grizzlies very quickly.

The Nets have already seen Shaun Livingston leave, so the need for some stability in the organization in the free agency period is important, as not too many players would be looking to come to a team that they don’t know who the coach will be. Having a respected and veteran Head Coach like Hollins should help the Nets chances of trying to retain Paul Pierce, who is a free agent, and a must-sign for Brooklyn. It also should be a positive for the possible return of Kevin Garnett.

In his previous three seasons coaching the Grizzlies, Hollins led one of the best defensive teams in the league under his watch to three straight playoff appearances, and in 2012-13, his final season with the club, they won 56 games and advanced to the Western Conference Finals.
The contract for Hollins is a multi-year deal with an annual salary of more the four million dollars a season. A very good job done by the Nets to get the needed stability after what was a shocking and chaotic situation in their organization with Kidd.

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