Heat V Bucks Playoff Preview: Round 1

Realistically speaking, is anyone really that shocked that the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks are going back at it again in the playoffs this year?

It seems almost meant to be with these two Eastern conference franchises constantly going at each other’s necks for the title. Clearly, Milwaukee did not feel the job with Miami was finished, after being sent home in five games during round two of the NBA Playoffs last season.

Keeping it close with the standings in the Eastern conference this season, the Miami Heat have been in a constant battle with the Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks, and the Boston Celtics for a spot in the playoffs; let alone to avoid the play-in tournament.

While the Miami Heat kept fluctuating between the seventh, sixth, and fifth seed between certain wins and losses, they were able to finish strong in the end; with their previous victory against the Boston Celtics, they were able to clinch the 6th seed playoff berth in the Eastern Conference and avoid the Play-in Tournament. 

Tweet (via @NBATV) announcing the Miami HEAT’s recent clinch in the Eastern Conference Playoffs

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