Kwame Brown: His Mama’s Son

One such example of Stephen A. Smith taking liberties with the career of Kwame Brown is below.

For the 12 seasons that Brown competed in the NBA he never once responded to the multitude of attacks that he’s mostly received from Smith.

As Brown indicated, Smith was ESPN’s attack dog and still is and will do anything that his masters tell him to do and nothing could be more truthful.

For years I have watched Stephen A. Smith and for years I’ve told those in my circle exactly what I think of him.

This platform, my platform that I built 11 years ago isn’t afraid of cancel culture and we bring the truth to the forefront, we always have and always will.

With that said those close to me know and understand that Stephen A. Smith is a sell out in his current form but it wasn’t always that way.

There was a time when he was the voice of the NBA as the mouth piece of Allen Iverson and he burst onto the scene in the role.

Now Smith has mastered the role of being the mouth piece for his masters and its on display daily for the world to see.

Quite often he uses his bully pulpit, the stupid tube, to degrade young black athletes.

What Kwame Brown has done is expose Stephen A. Smith for the fraud that he currently is and I’m all for it.

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