In the ‘Heat’ of the Miami Playoff Picture

Throughout this shortened 72-Game NBA season, it has certainly come with its challenges; from Health and Safety protocols to season-ending injuries. A lot of NBA teams have been trying hard to fight through these tough circumstances, show fans what they are truly made of, and to hopefully secure a spot in the playoffs.

However, with the help of the newly introduced NBA “Play-In Tournament”, it will allow more teams to be able to have a possible shot in the playoffs. While it comes with its pros, its cons are that you never know which teams are going to show out against each other… so anything is possible! And it is that possibility that makes it fun and unpredictable.

With their stellar play last season that allowed them to become the 2020 Eastern Conference Champions and NBA Finalists, fans across the country have expected the Three Time NBA Champion Miami Heat to come out bigger, better, and stronger than ever this current NBA season.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. On January 9th, the Heat played a game against the Washington Wizards (where the Heat won 128-124) however, no one was in store for what was next to come.

Four days after going against the Heat, the Wizards had to postpone their season for 6 straight games due to Covid-19 issues. Because the players were unaware of the situation, it caused multiple players on the Miami Heat to also miss time due Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocals.

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