The Last OG: Udonis Haslem

It’s story time…..

A couple of weeks ago my Podcast partner (Bryce Ward) and I had a conversation about the Philadelphia 76ers. I indicated to him at that time that despite their winning ways this NBA season, that I was not worried about them should the Miami Heat have to play them in the upcoming NBA Playoffs.

This past Thursday night the Miami Heat hosted the 76ers and promptly dispatched them having led the entirety of the game for the most part. Yes, it was just a regular season game but it showed that when healthy, the reigning and defending NBA Eastern Conference Champions can still be a threat for the NBA Championship which the Los Angeles Lakers are currently keeping warm for us.

As impressive as the win was for the Miami there was a stretch of about 3 minutes that personified the entire existence of the organization and its fabled culture.

It was perhaps the most important 4 point and one rebound stretch of the season for the Heat who have spent the majority of said season trying to find themselves.

Eighteen year NBA veteran Udonis Haslem, the Last OG in the league, made his presence felt in his season debut for the Heat. Florida born and bred, Haslem has spent the majority of his basketball career in Florida, first at the University of Florida and lastly as a mainstay of the Miami Heat with a brief stint in Europe in-between.

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