2020 NBA Finals Preview

Shouldn’t they just be happy to be here?

I think not!

During the NBA Finals run, the Los Angeles Lakers faced opponents who are severely lacking on the defensive end. The Miami Heat have faced two of the top 3 teams in the much improved Eastern Conference and defeated them with ease.

Through a combination of hard noised defense and great 3 point shooting, the Miami Heat have marched towards this moment as if it’s theirs; and no one can tell them otherwise.

Led by its core of Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, Goran Dragic, Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, this Heat team has taken the NBA Bubble by storm and has left every opponent scratching their heads.

Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra has shined in this moment displaying every quality as to why he was the hand picked successor to Heat Legend Pat Riley.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, this was the expected destination…the NBA Finals.  The Basketball Gods shined on the Lakers with the eventual self destruction of the Los Angeles Clippers but as we all know those Gods are cruel at their core.

The one-two punch of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is enough to deflat 90% of NBA opponents but this Miami Heat team is different.

As the youth say, “They want the smoke.”

Tuesday during the NBA Finals media session Jimmy Butler stated the following:

“So what that nobody picked us to be here? That’s OK. Pretty sure nobody is picking us to win, either. That’s OK. But we understand that. We embrace that, because, at the end of the day, we truly don’t care. We’re just going to go out here and compete, play together like we always have, and I’m going to see where we end up.

“But at the end of the day we’re going to do this our way, the Miami Heat way, and that way has worked for us all year long.”

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