Improbable: The 2020 Miami Heat

The 2020 Miami Heat roster is a perfect blend of playoff tested veterans from Butler, to Goran Dragic, and to Andre Igoudala that plays along side a powerful young core of Bam Adebayo, Game 4 star Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson.

One can’t forget about rookie Kendrick Nun who had a solid regular season and at times rivaling the rookie campaign of one Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr.

Heat Nation this is your Miami Heat, your team, your city and your moment.  The NBA Bubble has been kind to the Heat despite being in enemy territory but again Heat Nation, the true Miami Heat fans understand that Orlando is like a second home.

Many member of Heat Nation have heard the chats loud and proud of Lets Go Heat in the Amway Center.

The opponent for the Miami Heat has yet to materialize but we do know it will be either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Denver Nuggets.

How Ironic would it be for the Heat, who in order to win their fourth NBA Championship, may have to go through the false King that left six years ago and it’s that false king, who is also seeking his fourth NBA Title.

This playoff run has been truly improbable for the Miami Heat but make no mistake about it, they deserve to be here, they deserve this moment and all of Heat Nation should rejoice.

The franchise has 12 wins thus far in this unique playoff run and all they need is 4 more to be crowned as the 2019-20 NBA Champions.

Enjoy your night Heat Nation because you are with family, you are home.  The names may change on the back of the jersey over the years, but the name on the front remains the same and it reflects the culture, the Miami Heat Culture.

Heat in 7


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