Heat v Bucks: Endgame


The Miami Heat again are poised to deliver the knockout blow to the Bucks when they next take the court Sunday September 6th.  In 139 playoff series in the NBA no team has comeback to win a series after being down three games to zero. At some point during Game 4 the opportunity will be there for Heat to demoralize the Bucks just as they did in Game 3 and that will spell the end of the Milwaukee and perhaps the era of Giannis there. Check mate if you will.

With a combination of flare screens and deadly shooting, the Miami Heat have dominated the Bucks. Also add to the equation that the Heat have built a wall around Giannis, no the Toronto Raptors didn’t invent the Box in 1 strategy but they employed just a season ago to slow Giannis down.  This series the Heat are doing much of the same.  The mid season additions of Jae Crowder and Andre Iguodala were instrumental and planned for this series, advantage Heat.

He won’t be a free agent at seasons’ end but the Bucks will attempt to extend him, to get him to sign a super max that will be valued at nearly $250 million. Giannis could very well take the route of Anthony Davis and forced a trade. This week reports had already begin to circulate that the Heat and Toronto Raptors are the front runners to land Giannis if and when he decides to leave Milwaukee.

It was recently said that Giannis won’t consider himself as of leader in the NBA until he wins an NBA title, the irony of that is he may also have to take his talents to South Beach in order to Manifest that Destiny just as so many have done before him.


Heat Nation I love You!

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