Heat v Bucks: Endgame

Please don’t shoot the messenger fore the message has been the same for upwards of two NBA seasons.  That message has been spoken loudly and proudly and have seemingly fallen on deaf ears of non believers but the message was quite honestly stranger than fiction.

The Miami Heat will and has given the Milwaukee Bucks problems…

It was that truth, that blind faith that has propelled the Miami Heat in the NBA Playoffs of 2020.  Currently holding a commanding 3-0 lead, the most commanding in sports, the Heat are poised and prepared to deliver the knock out blow to the Bucks via a “competitive humbleness”.

But how did we get here, how is the best team in the NBA per record this season seemingly on the ropes.

There’s no question that the Bucks have been dazed and confused in this series against the Heat but it’s a clear example of “experts” of analytics again falling victim to the tried and tested eye test.

From 1-15, the Miami Heat are deeper and more talented than the Milwaukee Bucks and it’s glaring.

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