LeBron stood up, and we need to remember that

There’s been criticism of James, sometimes justifiably, of only sticking up for human rights when it benefits him personally. He was thrashed for his response, or lack thereof, of the NBA’s China controversy at the start of this season. He’s been condemned for his handling of “The Decision” 10 years ago. 

But let’s be clear: the potential decision to boycott the remainder of this NBA season wouldn’t help James’ career as a basketball player. He’s 35. He doesn’t have much time left on an NBA court. If he wants to catch MJ, he needs a ring now. 

But enough is enough, and winning is no longer the priority. What good does another championship do if Black men are being killed on the streets on the same night the Vice President gives a speech about supposed law and order?

No matter what happens, whether the season resumes or not, Wednesday is a day that should be remembered. A league that is 75% Black stood up, in the middle of the playoffs, to do what’s right. Setting aside personal glory, accolades and money to do what’s right.

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