The NBA Makes A Stand

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Resounding is the only word that can describe the following. The Bucks were the standard bearers today, representing their state and saying enough is enough but it was Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James; considered by many to be the best player of this generation who spoke for everyone who’s pain has been felt in recent months.

The most defiant he’s ever been but welcomed in these troubled times, needed.

As this is being typed other sports leagues are preparing to not play on this date, August 26th, in the name of Jacob Blake and for the right of social justice.

The situation will be fluid over the next few days and weeks, with today’s NBA games being postponed there are discussions that tomorrows game may be postponed as well.

Despite it being labeled as a political issue the fact is that lives are being lost; this isn’t about politics. This is about simple human decency.  Sometimes change can’t happen peacefully, there’s times where change can and should be forced. This is one of those times and Kudos to the franchises in the NBA that has said enough is enough.

The wave of change was initiated in Central Florida, my home, and on this platform, that wave will be covered every step of the way.

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