The NBA Makes A Stand

We currently sit at a crossroads.  Some have asked and pleaded for politics and sports to be separate. Some can’t bear the thought of their favorite athletes moonlighting as political activists. Many times in the past sports has brought this country, the United States of America together.

Since the NBA launched its Bubble July 31st it’s been the king of the sports world. The league as a whole has done an exceptional job allowing its players to share their message of racial and social equality and play resumed.  In the time since we’ve seen exciting basketball and thus far a couple of playoff surprises. But there was a segment of players who initially opposed a return to play, a group led by Kyrie Irving that questioned whether a return of play would distract from the core issue of America being broken, split down the middle when it came to racial and social inequality.

This day, August 26th, will be remembered as the day that the NBA had enough. Spear headed by the Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic and then followed by the Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Portland Trailblazers and Los Angeles Lakers, the league effectively abandoned play on this day.

Sparked by the most recently example of injustice, the shooting of Jacob Blake, the franchises of the NBA have simply had enough. What is left to say at this point? Take a look at the video above if you will once more. As yourself what if that was your brother, father, son, best friend, cousin or co worker.  How would one react?

After deciding to boycott game 5 of their playoff series, the Milwaukee Bucks stood as a team and shared their sentiments.

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