Jonathan Isaac: Standing Alone

“Absolutely, Black Lives Matter.” Isaac stated. “I Believe wearing T-shirts and kneeling isn’t the answer.”

He goes into sharing about how he lives through the gospel of Jesus and that are other things in the world that is going on besides racism and believes there are multiple things that we as a society needs to improve on. He also states that it was never about the flag, if people watch the anthem again and see the gestures I described above.

There is hypocrisy I want to highlight and call out in the social media rodeo show Friday evening. Isaac chose to stand and pray for a nation that is obliviously hurting with the Coronavirus pandemic, unemployment and social injustices.

I want to make this perfectly clear, Isaac is not here to be a political pawn for no one. How dare you applaud him for standing and then criticize Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee to fit your narrative. On the Flip side, How dare you call out Jonathan Isaac for not following suit and taking a knee with his team and assume he doesn’t care about black lives and call him an Uncle Tom in the process just to fit your narrative.

He clearly had his reasons that are religious, but I am here to speak on what Isaac means to the Central Florida community. Isaac has donated his community award grant money of 25,000 to Project Life who help individuals display their creativity and talent and remains a big advocate for that group and well doings in the community.

In May, Isaac also teamed up with Pepsi and Papa Johns to provide food for local families, and help provided meals to Orlando Children who were in need. When Mo Bamba led the charge to support Magic part time staffers due to loss of income with COVID-19, Including Nikola Vucevic, Wes Iwundu, Aaron Gordon, DJ Augustin and among others was Jonathan Isaac.

When he approached his teammates about taking a stand, they all were very supportive and paraphrasing in unison, he believes in what he wants to and we all have his back. On March 2nd, he became an ordained minister! What I’m trying to explain Is this is one hell of a human being and while I may not agree with everything he stands for, It’s his right to express his beliefs and in no way shape and form should his message should be misconstrued for anything political.

I want to applaud Isaac for standing up and further promote conversations about what’s going on in the world today. Yes, we need Police reform and to arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor. There are protests still going on this day to push the Black Lives Matter message. We are asking questions and trying to find solutions to what is happening in the world today. Jonathan Isaac used his platform to offer a different approach, lets try moving in a way of prayer, discussion and love while honoring the father, son and holy spirit. The world is talking right now because of Isaac’s gesture and while it was bold, he truly believes in what he stands for, shouldn’t we all? After we do, lead by example and the short time I watched Jonathan in Orlando, he will do just that.


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