First Impressions: Lakers Prevail in NBA Bubble Debut

Got any more of that bench scoring?

Los Angeles Lakers President Rob Pelinka sure looks like a genius right now.

Dion Waiters was electric in this game. Yes, that Dion Waiters. He scored 11 off the bench in a game happening in 2020.

He was quick off the dribble. He was efficient, 5-of-10 from the field. He even grabbed three boards. If this version of Waiters shows up in the playoffs, LA’s guard scoring will be in a nice spot when LeBron is on the bench.

Speaking of spark plugs, how about Kyle Kuzma? The 25-year-old played how fans have been clamoring for him to play since his rookie season.

Kuzma scored 16 off the bench, and made four (four!!!) of his seven attempts from three while tacking on seven rebounds. He was solid defensively as well, forcing a couple of key turnovers down the stretch.

Kuzma seems to have found his role. Let’s see if he can keep it up.

Now for the final impression:

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