First Impressions: Lakers Prevail in NBA Bubble Debut

The Clippers (still) don’t have an answer for Anthony Davis

If you’re active on NBA Twitter, you’ve seen it plenty of times: “Yeah, the Clippers are deep but who’s guarding AD?”

Well, it’s late July and there still isn’t an answer to that question. Who on that roster is going to stop this guy?

Joakim Noah was signed during the hiatus, with the Clippers clearly determined to match the Lakers’ vet. But the former Defensive Player of the Year looked sluggish and aged against Lakers’ assortment of bigs.

Davis is averaging over 28 points against the Clippers this season, after his 34 point performance on 42% efficiency Thursday. But the numbers don’t tell the story. He was dominant in the pain and low-post, which is typical of him, and he stretched the floor with a 2-for-5 shooting performance from three.

That’s virtually unguardable when you’re as athletic as Davis with that size. His spin moves in the post left Ivica Zubac unbalanced, and he shook defenders on the perimeter. Sure, the Clips are without Montrezl Harrell for the time being, but Davis’ spacing will be enough to compensate for Harrell’s athleticism.

It would still be nice to see him grab more than seven rebounds in games like these, but the big man gets a pass for his pure dominance offensively.

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