NBA Re-Start: A Whole New Game

The inception and execution of the NBA’s Bubble have been chronicled at The Hardwood Nation for the last few months as the United States and the World watched in anticipation.  One of the invited 22 teams will walk away from Orlando as the 2019-20 NBA Champions. For the record, there will be no asterisk as the winner will be crowned in the most unique way possible but also on the biggest platform.

Will Lebron James be able to win his fourth NBA Championship and first with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Can Giannis ascend and capture his first and second for the Milwaukee Bucks Franchise?

Will Kawhi Leonard be able to carry his third franchise, the Los Angeles Clippers to an NBA Championship?

All of the questions above are valid and in various forms all of them will be answered in this Orlando NBA Bubble.

No team will truly have home court advantage will cause unique problems and advantages as teams surge on the occasional runs throughout the game.  It will truly be a testament of fortitude when the eventual champion hoists the Larry O’Brien trophy as so many others have done in the past.

With no end to the Covid-19 pandemic in sight the Orlando NBA Bubble is and will be the blueprint for future sport successes should the league continue uninterrupted.  Currently it is off to a great start as the scrimmages have led way to the 8 seeding games for each of the 22 franchises on the Disney Resort without incident.

Other sports leagues should fall in line with what the NBA has implemented in some sort but I digress, to each, their own.

This is the beginning of a sense of normalcy in this, the year 2020, that has seen everything from a global pandemic, recorded social injustice and murder hornets to the Pentagon acknowledging the existence of UFO’s in a sense.  Could anything else out of the ordinary happen this year to derail the normalcy of the NBA returning.

Only I guess if one counts the Toronto Raptors repeating as NBA Champions in 2020.

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