NBA Bubble: We’re Living in Adam Silver’s World

Adam Silver, NBA, Disney and NBPA presented a 116 page manual for review before all parties agreed to the league’s Orlando Bubble Restart. Some of the main topics that were either highlighted on the Hardwood Nation or other sites that included separating 22 teams into three resorts on Disney property. Masks on, 6 feet apart, temperature checks and some other routine things that are covered.

Disney provided MagicBands to monitor body temperature, if it shows green, that states the player is in good health. If the band displays red, they need to receive medical attention. As of July 13th with everyday testing, the NBA reported there was no positive tests in regards to COVID-19. There have been players who aren’t allowed yet because they have to quarantine due to positive test results or left for family emergencies. While playing in Florida, which is now destined to be a new hotspot among a few other states, it’s safe to say “The Bubble is Working.” Remember my open statement? I hope people are paying attention.

“Sources: Zero NBA players tested positive for coronavirus out of 346 tested at Orlando campus since last results were announced July 13.” -The Athletic’s Shams Charania

This past Wednesday arrived and the first two teams to kick off the scrimmages were the Los Angeles Clippers and the Orlando Magic.

My Observations were the lighting was dim, the court was beautiful and pushing for social justice with “Black Lives Matter” aligned in the top middle. The Gatorade dolleys that were six feet apart with Players name and separate water bottles. The scoreboard was so vibrant, the background noise and tuning in players dialogue gives another reason to focus in.

Yes, the no fans part is odd, but I was blown away with the presentation. Orlando’s commentating team was remote back in Amway and I saw Denver used Zoom chat for their broadcast. It was very unique due to the circumstances that is going on right now. A lot of people had doubts that this was possible and most of the feedback is positive, Bravo Adam Silver, NBA, Disney and the NBPA! Things to worry about going forward is to keep injuries at a minimum and coaches have to load manage more than ever.

There are bigger things going on currently with the coronavirus pandemic and social injustices in the world. I totally understand Kyrie Irving’s point to not play, but I also understand Austin Rivers point as well. I applaud Tobias Harris for using his platform to announce for the Kentucky District Attorney Daniel Cameron to arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor and a bunch of players are starting to follow suit, LeBron James did so after the Lakers/Mavs scrimmage Thursday night.

Russell Westbrook pushed for T-shirts to wear during warmups with more statements, which my favorite one was “Police Reform.” Thank you NBA for getting me all excited again and still focusing on the issues at hand. Adam Silver’s project has started off with a bang, but as mentioned before, keep the injuries low and Silver will only ascend in his best commissioner title with a successful bubble project.

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