Column: A Different July for the NBA

As stated earlier some American Citizens, people of color, don’t feel as if they have a sense of independence. I have many friends that I worry about when they’re commuting up and down the streets of this country.  What if they get pulled over, what if something horrific happens to them?  Why should they have to worry about simply driving while being black?

Basketball is the ultimate diverse sport. There’s more people of color that play this game than any other with football being a close second.  Basketball, the NBA, is the hip-hop game and it is the game that has defined the black culture and it’s that culture that I wish we would put the emphasis on this 4th of July.

People love the Black culture, but why aren’t black people receiving the same love that the culture receives?

The NBA will be looked at for heroes, for hope.  It’s a reason that bringing sports back will allow us to divert attention to the plight of African Americans in this country.  All of the citizens of the United States of America deserve to live in freedom and not in the fear of what could happen to them.

If we can love everything about that culture but we still have a problem loving the people then that is not what America is about and that is not what the 4th of July is about.  We all need to come together and celebrate this independence day for all, not just for some, not just for a select few but for all your tired, your worn out, your huddled masses that need to gather in this land for freedom.

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