National Basketball Bubble 

The Bubble

To even get to the point of an NBA restart the league and players met for several hours and weeks to come up with locations, procedures and protocols that all NBA staff must follow. There are quite a few NBA rules and protocols that have been incorporated to keep NBA players and staff as safe as possible.

The NBA notified players of the procedures and consequences of opting out of the restart in Orlando on July 30th. They are allowed to skip the remainder of the season at the cost of 1/92.6 of their salary for each game missed.

Meaning if a team played 8 games during the restart, a player would lose approximately 8.6% of their salary for a complete absence. The NBA also notified players that are exercising their right to sit out the season and will not face discipline beyond loss of salary.

No fans will be allowed to attend the games in the Orlando bubble but the games will be televised on multiple platforms daily.

What will the atmosphere be like?

No fans at the games mean trash talking will be heard which will make for another inside unique prospective that fans don’t usually get with NBA televised games.

It sounds pretty cool to say the NBA will be back jumping like Zion Williamson on July 30th with only one life to live, one NBA champion and this once in a lifetime opportunity to leave an ever lasting impression on the world  in which we live now and for our kids and their future! With that being said let’s say it again “Welcome back the NBA, its July!”

At the beginning of any NBA season there are always a lot of questions circulating so the NBA restart is no different…Walt Disney World should be fun and games but I can’t see playing everyday and potentially contracting Covid-19 during a game fun.

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