National Basketball Bubble 

Here we are NBA in July! Usually it’s the NBA summer league with a bunch of NBA hopefuls and a star studded group of NBA rookies and a few 2nd year players. July 2020 will be completely different as it will be the NBA’s restart!

The NBA will be back this month and it will be played in a bubble! If you haven’t heard then I’m here to fill you in since most of us have been in a bubble of our own.

The NBA shut down on March 12th 2020 due to a positive Covid-19 result from NBA All-Star Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz prior to a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In the middle of a national pandemic, protests broke out and thousands were and still are marching to end social injustice and police brutality all across the United States of America all the while Covid-19 continues to surge and jobs and businesses continue to be lost. Once the NBA returns on July 30th it will have been 143 days with no NBA basketball.

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