Column: Get ready for Zero Dark Thirty-23 2.0

LeBron James hasn’t played in an NBA playoff game in over two years.

Let that marinate for a bit. Go back and read that sentence again if you have to. LeBron James has not appeared in a playoff game since June 8, 2018.

It was a 108-85 thumping at the hands of the mighty Golden State Warriors, capping off a sweep of James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. It capped off a 22 game postseason for the Cavs in which they survived two seven-game series.

All of that fight, and the Cavs went out with a whimper.

Two years later, James is preparing for his first playoff appearance with his new club, the Los Angeles Lakers.

You know the story. The Lakers’ 2018-19 campaign was a disappointing one. The young core LA curated over years of dismay simply didn’t fit James’ play style.

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