LeBron James “I Struggle With….”

“I gotta be honest…I struggle with what to demand because so damn much needs to change.”

That’s when the lightbulb went off; LeBron James’ silence in this fight came from the struggle of not knowing what to demand.  The exhaustion of all of the social injustice brought him to this point, this realization.

After all he’s done in the past, LeBron James was exhausted as was most and still is African Americans and our allies in the United States at this time but his tweet Tuesday was a start.

The pendulum is seemingly beginning to shift in the right direction in this battle and I for one applaud James for displaying his vulnerability, an honesty that most professional athletes of his stature will not display.

When one is at a loss for words, just speak your truth; enemies be damned!

Just speak your truth.

Yes LeBron James you have an incredible influence on your community and yes LeBron you need to demand change.

The good news is that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and it seems as if finally, in this fight, you are beginning to head in the right direction.

Rumble young man, rumble because it is your truth and your voice that will set you free.


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