LeBron James “I Struggle With….”

Those who read The Hardwood Nation regularly know, we offer no spin, no bias, just basketball and that remains true to this day some 10 years after our initial launch.  The Hardwood Nation has chronicled all events that have occurred on the court in the NBA as well as off the court when it comes to NBA players.

It’s been well documented that the world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and while the United States is also dealing with Covid another pandemic has been crippling the country.

Many professional athletes have been at the forefront, on the front lines as many disenfranchised American Citizens have been fighting for equality and against social injustice.

Most notably, NBA players have been at the forefront but one in particular has been absent, one that has used his power voice in the past.  One that has made many social stands throughout his NBA career so why now was he quiet; in this, the biggest fight for social justice yet?

Where was LeBron James?

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