Hope for A Fractured NBA?


The current situation is evident; NBA players are currently a fractured bunch.  The latest issue at hand was a group of players who felt as if their voices was not heard when the NBPA voted and agreed to resume play.

Reports indicated that all player representatives were not present on the initial NBPA call that approved the resumption of play.

Dubbed the Players Coalition, the group sent a lengthy statement to ESPN detailing a much needed manifesto as to why a possible decision to not play is in play.

“We are a group of men and women from different teams and industries that are normally painted as opponents, but have put our egos and differences aside to make sure we stand united and demand honesty during this uncertain time,” the coalition said.

“Native indigenous African Caribbean men and women entertaining the world, we will continue to use our voices and platforms for positive change and truth.

“We are truly at an inflection point in history where as a collective community, we can band together — UNIFY — and move as one. We need all our people with us and we will stand together in solidarity.

“As an oppressed community we are going on 500-plus years of being systemically targeted, used for our IP [intellectual property]/Talent, and also still being killed by the very people that are supposed to ‘protect and serve’ us.


“We are combating the issues that matter most: We will not accept the racial injustices that continue to be ignored in our communities. We will not be kept in the dark when it comes to our health and well-being. And we will not ignore the financial motivations/expectations that have prevented us historically from making sound decisions.

“This is not about individual players, athletes or entertainers. This is about our group of strong men and women uniting for change. We have our respective fields, however, we will not just shut up and play to distract us from what this whole system has been about: Use and Abuse.

“We are all fathers, daughters, leaders and so much more. So what is our BIG picture? We are in this for UNITY and CHANGE!”

The line was clearly drawn in the sand and the media pounced.  On one side you had LeBron James, who despite his silence, was championed as the good guy, the Jedi who wants to restore peace and justice to the Galaxy by playing.  One the other side you had Kyrie Irving, a member of the Sith who is driven by emotions only, his flesh.

The media would make one think that LeBron James is untouchable, always doing the right thing and making the right decision for his people.  Does anyone remember China?

The media would make one think that Kyrie Irving is selfish and a flawed leader.

Truth is that the World Wide Leader of Sports benefits greatly from the return of the NBA and will push the agenda, the narrative that is being pro LeBron James which is also pro NBA and pro dollar signs.

With that said, LeBron James is not the bad guy here.

Let it be known that James is not the bad guy.

But please be aware that this isn’t about LeBron James versus Kyrie Irving, this is about two clashing ideologies.

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