“Hairoic” Lonnie Walker IV

I hope everyone is staying safe out there during this pandemic; it has not been any fun but it has been a roller coaster. One thing I can say about the pandemic is it has definitely made everyone stronger, better, wiser and more prepared for the road beyond June 2020.

We’re all more in touch with ourselves from quarantine and this self isolation which is a blessing in disguise.

We’re all staying together for each other by staying apart and working on ourselves. After a few months, millions of people have truly found out who they are because we had TIME!

Daily life didn’t always provide the time previously. The pandemic has really defined what “essentials” are.

It was truly eye opening seeing the NBA and then what felt like suddenly the United States of America shutdown!

The NBA jerseys went away (3/11/20), the arenas closed down and shockingly even the toilet paper went away as the mask went on.

All of a sudden malls with designer clothes and NBA games with signature athletes were no more. Lives were lost by the thousands in all 50 states.

Peaceful protest as well as Angry protest began to break over police brutality and the 400+ years of social injustice towards African Americans, the most recent being Former NBA player Stephen Jackson‘s Best friend of 20 years George Floyd (R.I.P. 3/25/20). The National guard instead of the National Basketball Assocation was in 30 U.S. cities.

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