The 50 Greatest Players in NBA History: Part III

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein

1. Michael Jordan

His Airness, Black Jesus, M.J, the man who laid waste to nearly 34% of the players that occupy this list — which begs the question: has any player ever triumphed in an era as rich with talent as Michael Jordan?

As fans of LeBron James will gladly tell you, eras rarely overlap so uniformly that multiple legends can all bloom at the same time, because the great ones rarely leave enough oxygen for their competition to breathe.

Jordan blossomed in an era inhabited by Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, grew alongside the likes of Hakeem Olajuwon, and dominated the league during Shaquille O’Neal’s rise to power — none of whom were able to best him at his zenith.

Michael Jordan was the destroyer of kings, and is, in every sense of the word, an icon — whose brilliance inspired millions upon millions, from every corner of the globe, to be like Mike.

This man is not a basketball player. He is an institution.

Ray Petree

I'm a young college student who just wants to share his love for the game with the world.

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