Top 3 Players the Celtics Should look to Sign for the 2020 Playoffs


  1. Greg Monroe. 
Ex-Celtics Center Greg Monroe Reportedly Agrees to Contract with ...
Greg Monroe.

Greg Monroe played two seasons in the green and white in 2018 and 2019 making him familiar with head coach Brad Stevens system. As the case with Fall, Monroe as well would be an upgrade over Poirier.

The team would greatly improve its rebounding with Monroe manning the paint and Monroe is a great fit as a facilitating big man.

Coming off the bench, Monroe would be a nice threat to score down low, and would definitely grab rebounds and make the bench much more improved. Monroe’s defense might not be like you’d expect from a big man, but the franchise would still gain a better offensive weapon.

Monroe did shoot really good in his 28 games in Boston and even recorded a triple double.

Greg Monroe is currently playing for Bayern Munich of the Basketball Bundesliga but if the Celtics were to make the call, Monroe would surely look into making a return. 




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