Bill Russell takes aim at Donald Trump

Most know Boston Celtics legend as an 11 Time NBA Champion however others understand his impact on and off of the court.  For years Russell has not only been a champion on the court but for champion supporting the stop of social injustices off of the court.

This week we’ve seen figures such as Drew Brees share their thoughts on what they deem as “disrespectful” when it comes to kneeling during the National Anthem.  Despite Brees apologizing profusely after he saw the errors of his ways, United States President Donald Trump stated that Brees should have never apologized.

For his part Drew Brees did respond to Donald Trump which drew praise but it was the Goat Bill Russell, who to date, has taken the most direct shot to Trump on the issue.

Russell, who is a real national treasure should be applauded as we all must call out oppression everywhere and take a stand.

How do you guys feel on the matter, drop a comment below, lets have mature conversations based on the strife that we’re facing in these tough times.

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