Should the Heat Trade Hassan Whiteside?

Holding on for too long is never a good thing in the NBA.  That’s a predicament the Miami Heat could potentially put themselves if they don’t make the right decisions coming up.  So here’s some notes and things to think about as the Heat’s season continues on.

First things first, find a trade for Hassan Whiteside before the trade deadline.  He’s not playing anywhere near the worth of his contract. He honestly hasn’t since he signed the contract.  Whiteside was once one of the most feared centers in the game because he made players think twice before attacking him in the paint.  Now he’s getting beat by opposing centers and the game is evolving on him.  He’s made an attempt to convince Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra that he can shoot the three but hasn’t seen much success.  I think it’s beyond time to move on from him and his depreciating value.

Miami is a team full of good-not-great players.  Even though Miami is known as a place where veterans go to revitalize their careers: James Johnson and Dion Waiters.  They were good and arguably critical pieces of the team when they were both healthy and played to the worth of their contracts.  Now that Miami can’t get any use out of its top players like Goran Dragic, Tyler Johnson, Wayne Ellington, and the injured players mentioned before.

My problem with this team is that anyone on the bench could outplay one of the starters.  This proves that your team depth is good, but the talent that is needed to succeed in this league is slim.  There’s not many outside of Dragic, Wade, and Richardson that I would trust to go out and make a play.  That’s why Erik Spoelstra deserves so much credit as one of the best coaches in the NBA.  He gets the most out of his roster.

Whiteside, Waiters, Johnson, and even Kelly Olynyk’s contract’s need to be dumped within the next two years. Miami has a draft pick this year and could potentially be in the lottery with their current play.  Three free agent targets should be Kemba Walker, Klay Thompson, Terry Rozier, or even Tobias Harris.  This would give Miami that star its needed for so long.

Miami could also look to the trading route and look to get either Bradley Beal or John Wall from the Washington Wizards.  It’s been said that Miami holds Beal in high regard.  It will be interesting to see if Pat Riley could come up with a trade package that would entice Washington.  The problem with obtaining John Wall is that his contract would not allow it.  Not only is his huge contract won’t fit on the books, but he arguably hasn’t been worth that contract.  Reports also have come out of Washington that Wall has had some issues with authority.

Miami should be looking forward to the offseason just to see what magic Pat Riley is working up.  He’s failed too many times in the past few years. Riley is due for another whale hunt this offseason.


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