Q&A: Jared Dudley

Courtesy of Scott Bordow

Question: What’s your favorite movie?

Answer: “Gladiator.” I see it because I’m into that whole Roman thing going on and Russell Crowe I thought killed that role. To me that’s by far my favorite movie.

Q: Where do you like to eat in the Valley?

A: I definitely change it from Steak 44, Mastro’s, sushi rolls at Roka Akor. When it comes to Italian EVO at nighttime after games. I try something new all the time but those are my main ones. I always try to do stuff the city embodies so I Yelp a lot.

Q: What sport don’t you play well that you want to be better at?

A: Golf. It’s a good one because overall it’s something I can see myself playing. I’ve gotten into it over the last couple of years. It’s something I love to do but I’m not even there yet to say what I shoot. It’s a wide range. Lot of times I don’t even keep score.

Q: Do you have a hidden talent that nobody knows about?

A: Wow. People always say I can be a party planner because I’m really good at having to go and planning things out.

Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing you did as a kid?

A: You know how you toilet paper and egg somebody’s house? I did it, right? But I did it back-to-back nights, Saturday and Sunday. They called the police. Good thing nobody got arrested but that was something embarrassing and stupid. Why would you do the same house twice? It was ridiculous.

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