Q&A: Rodney McGruder

Courtesy of Anthony Chiang

Q: It looks like you’re letting your hair grow out. Is this a permanent thing?

Rodney: “Not for next season. Just summer style. In summer you’re just working, not really caring about your appearance. You know what I mean? Just having fun with it. Nothing serious.”

Q: We know you’re a hard worker, but have you taken any time off to vacation?

Rodney: “On the weekends. I take long weekends and just enjoy Miami. We live in a vacation city, you know. So, nothing better than that. Friends come to town, family comes to town, just hanging out with them and enjoying the Miami life.”

Q: How much have you stayed connected with your Heat teammates this offseason?

Rodney: “We stay connected a lot. We talk. We get together in groups, work out together. So we stay connected. We talk a lot. Everybody talks.”

Q: Who do you work out with?

Rodney: “It’s been a couple of us in there. Me and Okaro [White], we’re really in there together. Justise [Winslow], J-Rich is in there with us. James [Johnson], Tyler [Johnson], Wayne [Ellington]. There’s been a lot of guys in there working out with us.”

Q: How does Justise look coming off of shoulder surgery?

Rodney: “He looks good. I was watching him today and I was like, ‘You better watch out. Justise looks good.’ He looks really good.”

Q: Justise worked a lot on that jumper. Have you noticed a difference?

Rodney: “Yeah. Everything, man. You’re going to see. I don’t want to give away all the secrets. Justise looks real good.”

Q: What part of your game are you focusing on this summer?

Rodney: “Really just being a consistent knock down shooter. Knock down. Don’t miss. That’s what my main goal is and I’ve been doing a good job of that just working with the guys and trying to get better. I look forward to next year. I do.”

Q: What are your thoughts on the way the Warriors ran through everybody in the playoffs?

Rodney: “It’s tough. You just saw who had better habits. That’s what you saw. Just watching basketball, you really understand what coaches mean when they talk about habits and this is what we do, this is our brand of basketball. You just seen all of that throughout the playoffs. You saw a team collectively beat the Cavs. They played as a team. Everybody was excited for one another when somebody made a big shot, big play. It reminded me of us a little bit — how it was next man up and just cheering for each other.”

Q: There are only two teams that beat the Warriors from January on with their full roster with Kevin Durant healthy — the Cavaliers and Heat. Anything to take from that?

Rodney: “There’s nothing to take from that really. But we fought them. Dion [Waiters] came down and made a big shot. That was a great game. But that don’t mean anything. It was a big one for us, part of our winning streak. Can’t take nothing from us for that either.”

Q: You mentioned wanting to become a better shooter. What specifically are you working on?

Rodney: “Just my mechanics and just trying to change my mechanics a little bit. Just being ready to shoot, being down at one level, being ready to play the game.”

Q: How many shots do you get up a day?

Rodney: “I don’t know. I don’t think it’s 1,000. But I get up a lot of shots, though.”

Q: What’s the offseason routine?

Rodney: “I go in the gym at about 8 a.m. and probably leave at 1 or 2 p.m.”

Q: Is that more than the regular season?

Rodney: “Probably the same as the regular season. You go in early to lift weights, workout and then practice. Then you got stuff after practice with the trainers and stuff. Probably the same amount of time.”

Q: Do you talk with a guy like Wayne Ellington when working on your outside shot?

Rodney: “I do. We talk. I just ask him questions and I ask him what he does and just watch him. I look at his film and I look at my shot, and just trying to see how I can get better because he’s one of the best shooters in the league. That’s somebody that you can learn from.”

Q: Have you worked with Heat shooting coach Rob Fodor this offseason?

Rodney: “I have. Just being ready to shoot, my hands, and things like that. It’s little things, but it amounts to a lot, though.”

Q: Have you noticed a major difference?

Rodney: “I have. Rob is great. I look forward to great things, as well, because I see how he helped Goran [Dragic] at the beginning of the year.”

Q: How long did you wait to start your offseason work?

Rodney: “I took like a couple weeks off. After that, we’ve just been at it Monday through Friday.”

Q: Are you playing in the summer league this year?

Rodney: “Nah.”

Q: How about Okaro?

Rodney: “I’m not sure.”

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