Q&A: Dirk Nowitzki

On scoring 30,000 points after starting career by scoring two points in first game:

I couldn’t even get a field goal that night. That was a rough memory and the whole first year was so tough that if you would’ve told me then that I’ll get to 30,000, I would’ve said you’re absolutely out of your mind. It’s been a crazy ride for sure.

How close were you to throwing up on the court that first night?:

I gotta say, it was a little overwhelming. Just the whole scene, the German media, people in the locker room–which I’ve never been used to–so the whole thing was just too much for me to take in in one night. I was running out there looking at all the players in awe and it was just too much, but looking back at it now, I’ll never forget that game but it was definitely one of the worst games I had in my career.

Emotions when you see Holger tear up:

Definitely all the hours we put in and how close we grew over the years. Obviously he didn’t have to take a chance on me when I was 15 and our friendship grew. All the hours that he put in and sacrificed in his life when he could’ve been doing all sorts of things. And were always in the gym and worked hard and got better. This [30,000 points] was also him as well as for me, so he was a very proud man. He always comes across as this cold man and always short, not really in a great mood but he was definitely showing some heart [in game against the Lakers].

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