Q&A: Russell Westbrook

Courtesy of Erik Horne

What are your thoughts on the significance of Black History Month?

“It’s amazing.”

What do you think of the job the NBA does with Black History Month?

“I think they do a good job for the most part. I don’t know what they do around other arenas. I think more people should be recognized, whether it’s Martin Luther King, whether it’s Malcolm X, I think peoples should have individual games and days and things of that nature because of the different things they did to change the world we live in today. I think that’s something I would add, but for the most part I think they do a good job.”

Does it require a deeper education?

“A lot of people may not know. We’ve got a lot of younger guys in the league that may not understand African-American culture. For me I know that was important, that’s something I studied in college. To be able to know your history, know your background, know where you’re from, and how we’re able to do the things we do today, I think it’s important, not just for people in the NBA, but everybody across the world to have a good understanding of what Black History Month is.”

Do players play a role in educating the public about black history?

“Yes, I think on your own. Kinda do it on your own, and use your own platform. I think as athletes we’re role models and I think you can use your platform to go out and communicate to younger crowds, to younger kids to understand their culture and understand where they come from, not just African-American culture, but wherever you may be from, whether it’s Hispanic … you can be able to have an understanding of where you come from.”

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