Bulls Look Like a Ship Lost at Sea, Season slipping away?

Something has got to give with the Chicago Bulls. At (23-25), they are floundering.

After a lifeless performance against the Miami Heat (17-30), the Bulls take on the Philadelphia 76ers before embarking on a six game road trip out west before the All-Star break. This road trip may well make or break this season.

Fred Hoiberg mentioned that some players hardly slept the past few nights. He said, “We gotta put this one behind us and move forward.”  Not exactly fightin’ words. Hoiberg seems perplexed and stressed out as to how to guide this group beyond this “war of words.”

The team leaders got angry. Hoiberg benched both Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade for half of the first quarter against the Heat. Most of the team by that time was playing in quicksand, so why not join in?  It didn’t look much better than that.

How is Hoiberg going to get control of his team?  Will Rondo be one of the uniters?  He has been through enough wars to get combat scars. Wade has seen his share too, and it may be dawning on him to possibly opt out of his deal with the Bulls at the end of the season. It would be upsetting to Bulls fans, but who can fault him.  Why stay on a sinking ship with two paddles?

In order for this team to float, everyone has to pitch in. The stars and the so-called ‘rookies.” That includes Doug McDermott, Jerian Grant, Paul Zipser, and Jimmy Butler. They are professionals in the greatest basketball league in the world. They need to wake up to this fact.

I believe Rondo should get his starting job back and Michael Carter Williams should play with the second team. Rotate Jerian Grant in key situations. There needs to be order and stability with the Bulls. Coach Fred Hoiberg needs to provide it.


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