Q&A: Tyler Johnson

Courtesy of Tom D’Angelo

Q: What got you interested in cooking?

  TJ: My mom (who serves in the U.S. Air Force) being deployed a lot I had to figure out what I was going to eat while she was gone and then I would cook for my four siblings when they were around. It just started from kind of putting things together. Random things, trying spices and all that type of stuff. Then I starting trying to actually cook things. I used to love watching the Food Network, Master Chef and Iron Chef America. The interest kind of grew.

Q: Speaking of TV shows: Rachel Ray or Hell’s Kitchen?

TJ: Oh Hell’s Kitchen easily. Easily. Because it’s more like competition setting and (host) Gordon Ramsay is just way funny.

Q: What is your favorite dish to cook?

   TJ: I’m big into breakfast, making omelets and stuff but probably my best thing is I just started making veal parmesan and things like that.

Q: Do you have a go-to, pre-game meal?

   TJ: I used to have one before every game. Chicken pesto pasta. I just played well and I felt like I always had energy.

Q: Favorite place to eat in South Florida?

   TJ: Probably Ill Gabbiano. It’s authentic Italian food. It’s really good.

Q: So Italian is your favorite?

   TJ: Italian and I like Japanese.

Q: If you could have your own dish on the menu at Erik Spoelstra’s restaurant what would it be?

   TJ: It’s not necessarily mine but rock shrimp tempura. It would be fried shrimp pieces in a spicy mayonnaise sauce. It’s real good.

Q: Could we see a Tyler Johnson Cookbook in the near future?

    JJ: No but I want to go to school. Right now I just have very much a high interest. I’ll cook at the house whenever I can. I definitely want to go to school for it when I’m done and actually learn real techniques. Right now it’s just whatever I learn on TV.

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