Bulls Close Out 1-2 Home Stand; Fall to Wizards, 107-97

It’s been a topsy-turvy season so far for the up and down Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls faced the Washington Wizards in the last home game of their three game home stand and lost 107-97 on Washington’s fourth quarter rally.

The Bulls, can’t make a dent in the fourth quarter and again was outscored 30-20 by the Wizards. The game was tied at 77-77 and in the fourth quarter, the Wizards made more plays than Chicago.

The Bulls have lost four out of its last five games, most of those losses to teams with under .500 records at the time.  Bulls, thus far this season have been a confounding team. One night they play well, the next night, a dud. The offensive woes in the fourth quarter have hurt Chicago most of the early season. But now, the “real” season begins on Christmas Day, That’s when ABC will start to broadcast its NBA schedule.

John Wall scored 23 points to pace the Wizards. Bradley Beal had 21 points. Center Martin Gortat scored 14 points with 10 rebounds.  When Wall and Beal get going, the Wizards are a team to reckon with. So far, they’ve had a slow start. Washington (13-15) is closing in on .500 for the season. The Bulls are now (14-14) as the schedule heads towards Christmas Day.

Chicago shot 40% from the field, and that percentage is low for a home game. The Wizards hit 52% from the floor, a good night for a road team.  Jimmy Butler scored 20 points and Dwyane Wade had 19. Taj Gibson scored 17 for Chicago. It was another game where the Bulls didn’t execute in the final six minutes when the game was on the line.

It has cost them games this season and if this pattern is not fixed, then it may well be a long season.



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